Process and Progress

After being a writer and calling myself a writer for several years, I have written quite a lot. Some great things, some terrible things and some things that I am sure I still cringe at to this day. I am mostly referring to my first few years of writing and my fanfiction phase.

My first story (not my first novel) was one I wrote when I was around eight. It was a powerpuff girls fanfiction that had one page chapters and really bad drawings. It was a half assed fairytale with a simple plot and a really really bad dialogue scheme. I am happy to say I have improved immensely since then.

Why am I blogging about my first story and embarrassing myself a little bit? Even though it’s not my favorite by a long shot, that piece taught me a lot about my writing process. I was around eight when I wrote it, on black paper, with gel pens. I had never written any stories before, but my friends, who were almost five years older, had nearly filled their notebooks with their ideas and their words.

And there is the beauty of my first story ever.

The process behind it, the quick choice of writing something I knew, something I cared about, even if it was rudimentary and juvenile. I got an idea in a flash and I wrote it the only way I knew how, with words, and pictures. I wrote it in a way no one else could, in a way no one else could, because those were my words and my choices on that page, as simple as they were.

Since then, my writing has changed, writing more of my own ideas instead of fanfiction, but the process still remains. I still get ideas in a flash, and I still sometimes write simple words and stories, but I can always edit them and change them to be better. I have expanded my horizons and ventured into other things, other writing, other hobbies, and other ideas. I have expanded as a human and a writer.

But that first story, I will never ever touch. I have to have some way to track my progress and my growth as a writer.

Do you remember your first jump into the creative pool?



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