The Writing Space

Writing can be done anywhere. On a plane, train or automobile, in your room, or outside. The places are endless as long as you have the supplies you need. Writing is easy, if you have the right surroundings.

So what makes a great writing space?

A writing space should be:

Comfortable: It should be a place where you not only feel comfortable physically, but emotionally as well. You should have a comfortable chair, or a place to sit such as a beanbag or couch, or even your bed. It should also be a place where you feel safe and where you can be free of distractions, and people asking questions. I enjoy lots of pillows and blankets, and plushy items to help me feel comfortable.

Inspiring: Your space should be clean, or at least organized. You should have things that you can look at and pull ideas from, things that make you feel happy, things that you can hold in your hands. Personal things like photos and drawings and art are all great things to inspire. I have images from old calendars, pictures of family and artwork that friends have drawn for me, along with a few ceramics projects and an artists mannequin.

Functional: Your space should be stocked with whatever you need to write. Paper and pens, or laptop, or even typewriter or tablet. There should be space for at least a water bottle or some hydrating fluids, and even some snacks. Sometimes even a timer or clock helps. Whatever you need to function and write should be in your space. I like to have whiteboards to write ideas down and notebooks and paper to write.

So what does a writing space look like?


These are the walls around my desk. I love the artwork from old calendars.


I keep a few creative things around my bed. Whiteboards are great for late night ideas.

My writing space is actually my whole room. It inspires me and it’s where I feel most comfortable so I make it work for me. I love to look at my pictures, or my whiteboards and take in the creativity to help me write.

What does your writing space look like?


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