Writer Life Lesson #9: Enjoy Life, But Don’t Forget To Write

If you are a writer, it is most likely that “Writer” is not the only job listed on your resume. A lot of us have other jobs, other hobbies, other things that need to get done first. Every day, I make a To-Do list, and writing is always the last thing on that list. It is after the reading, the studying, the dishes, the laundry. After whatever else I put on that list. Some days, I don’t even write. And that is ok. Sometimes, life needs to come first. Sometimes we writers need to go out and be social, or make sure that the kids are fed before we start writing that next page. Sometimes life needs to come first.

So this week’s lesson is Enjoy Life, But Don’t Forget to Write

So how do we as writers do that? I like to think that I am a strange breed that can only write when everything else is done and I don’t have plans to go out that day. I somehow convince myself that I will want to continue to write and not leave the house because I will lose track of time and completely forget my plans. This rarely ever happens, but I still don’t write on days that I have other plans. I used to feel bad about this, but not so much anymore. I get nervous and excited and that messes with my writing mojo, and that is ok…

…As long as it doesn’t mess with my writing mojo forever.

So how do I get back into the writing habit and get over that “nervous writer’s block”? Well, depending on what it is, or what is making me excited, sometimes I have to wait for it to pass. Sometimes, if it’s a long event or time away from my usual environment, I have to get more comfortable with my new location or event.

I happen to have several examples over the past few weeks, and not a lot of writing to show for it. First, there was Phoenix, which I thought I overcame when I started writing for Camp NaNoWrimo (Which is not going as well as I would have hoped). After that, there were essays and reading for school (which did not go as planned at all). And now there is Researching and tattoo care for a few weeks.

I know I will get back into writing eventually (I can feel the stirrings already, the itch to grab a pen and just write away), but in the meantime, I am enjoying life and what I am learning from it. I deserve a break after writing every day for two months straight.

So if you haven’t written in a while, it’s ok. Breathe and try again tomorrow. Or next week, or next month. The words will come eventually, and they will be better than if you had forced them out. Enjoy life while you can. Writing can  and will wait.

If your story is worthy, it will be written!


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