Blog Challenge: May

Tomorrow begins a new month, and that means new challenges. I have been thinking about it for a while now, and I have decided I want to try a blog challenge. I’ve had this blog for nearly three months now, and I’ve talked a lot about writing, but I’ve never really shared any yet. With this challenge, I hope to share some with you.

The challenge is one I found from google, and it was based from Tumblr. I made a few changes and made it my own, but I will post the original image, if any of you want to join me in mine, or do the original instead.


Here We Go!

Day 1:Put your music player on shuffle. Write something inspired by the first and last lines of the song.

Day 2: Write something based on the color of the walls in the room that you are in.

Day 3: Write a fifteen step list titled “How to be _____”

Day 4: Write something based on the next line of dialogue you hear.

Day 5: Write a conversation about a man that dials a wrong number and encounters an angry woman. End the conversation with “Well, I suppose so.”

Day 6:  Write a rhyming poem about getting increasingly drunk.

Day 7: Write about your reaction when the object on your left turns into the object on your right.

Day 8: You are now unable to leave your room for the next week. Write about your experiences day by day.

Day 9: Think about a word and google it. Write about the seventh image.

Day 10: Write a short rhyming poem about the last book you read.

Day 11: Make a list of songs (Like a mixtape) for someone you hate. The songs cannot include the words “Hate” or “You” in the title.

Day 12: Make a list of songs for someone you love. The songs cannot include the words “Love” or “You” in the title.

Day 13: Write about the object to your left as a metaphor.

Day 14: Write a book report about an “Adult book” by a 5th grader.

Day 15: Find the worst lyric from your least favorite song and make a character say it.

Day 16: Imagine you are sitting on a park bench. Write an Ode to a person passing by.

Day 17: One of your characters is sitting on a rooftop with an animal. They must make an important decision after talking to the animal.

Day 18: Write a freeform poem titled “The Formula For Happiness”

Day 19: Write a sappy poem for your loved one.

Day 20: Write a script with two characters talking to each other. Both have secrets they are considering sharing with the other person.

Day 21: Write from the point of view of a person that just got fired.

Day 22: Write a poetic prose piece where each sentence is one word.

Day 23: Write about an encounter in a restaurant. Someone orders  their favorite dish, someone else leaves early.

Day 24: Write from a stream of consciousness point of view. Someone’s life is about to change in 3 minutes.

Day 25: Write a series of emails between a son and his father. They are estranged and eventually the mother must step in.

Day 26: Write a letter to your favorite person telling them why they are your favorite.

Day 27: Write a poem from the point of view of a bride, explaining how she got to that point and that she has cold feet.

Day 28: “The Morning After”

Day 29: Write a letter to your least favorite person, explaining why they are your least favorite.

Day 30: Write a poem titled “The End.” It cannot be about death, a break up or the apocalypse.

Day 31: FREE DAY!

Thank you to the tumblr users who created this challenge.

Thank you to the tumblr users who created this challenge. Shestandsattheedge, rippedfishnets and hipposwearingjackets!


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