Camp NaNoWriMo: Final Results

April is swiftly drawing to a close and I’m sure many writers out there are pushing to make their final word counts. I am usually one of them, but not this month.

For some reason, this month was just not meant for writing and that’s perfectly fine. Maybe it was because I had been pushing so hard to write everyday in January, February and March to write every day and I just  needed a break. Maybe it was the events surrounding this month. Maybe it was just a combination of everything just telling me “Slow down!”

I originally planned on writing something completely new to get in the mood to finish my current works. Writing was starting to become more of a chore than a hobby and I was having trouble getting into the writing mood to find that passion to finish my novel. So I started a series of thirteen short stories based on an album. A change of pace.

I finished one. ONE! In this entire month, but I am perfectly fine with that. I wrote when I felt the need to, and I pushed myself to finish it today so I can start fresh in May.

I ended up with just over 7000 words, but that is better than the 0 I started with at the beginning of the month. 7000 words is a start, and it’s something I can work with the next time I need a break from my novel and my series. I created great characters that should be easy to get back into.

Thanks Camp NaNoWriMo April!


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