Day 3

Write a 15 step list titled “How to be _____”

How to be Tattooed

1. Decide you like to look at art on all canvases.
2. Decide you want to be art
3. Research how to care for tattoos and keep them looking nice.
4. Research images for your tattoo.
5. Find an image you would like on your body.
6. Research styles of tattoo art or ask around for ideas.
7. Research tattoo artists and pricing.
8. Meet your artist and schedule an appointment
9. Take care of your skin between the time you schedule and your appointment
10. During your appointment- find a comfortable position
11. Relax and breathe through the pain- it varies depending on the body part tattooed.
12. Pay and tip your tattoo artist
13. Keep the wrap on for a few hours and then clean and lotion your new tattoo.
14. Lotion your tattoo, especially during the healing and peeling process.
15. Repeat steps 5-14 until you are tattooed enough to your liking.

*Touch ups to color or lines may be required


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