Day 4

Write something based on the next line of dialogue you hear.

Dinner didn’t help.

They were fighting again, and it was starting to become more of a daily occurrence. They both knew that fighting wasn’t the answer, and they resolved to stop fighting, but within a few hours, either one or both of them had found something to fight about again.

They had been together for nearly 5 years, but the fights didn’t really start until they moved in together. He was sure the neighbors loved their 2 a.m. fights about blanket stealing, or their 7 a.m. fights about hot water usage. She frankly didn’t give a damn about any of it.

Then that morning, everything changed. Instead of fighting before work, arguing about the smallest things, it was quiet. Barely a word was spoken between the two of them, and it felt strange to him. Then, before she left, she spoke.

“I want to break up.”

He was too stunned to say anything, so he just stood there in silence, the door to the apartment still open, him in nothing but his boxers, the open carton of milk in his free hand. In an instant, it was as if his world, all he knew, was coming to an end.

It was then that he resolved to keep her, even if they were fighting a lot lately. Her favorite thing, when they were first dating, was to make dinner together. He was going to save their relationship, and they were going to get a decent meal out of it.

Once he had regained his bearings, and enough sense to close the front door, he called into work. Missing one day to repair what she thought was broken would definitely be worth it. It would give him enough time to clean up the apartment and do everything to help her, help them remember the good times together.

By the time she got home, he had nearly everything prepared. He was showered and dressed, had the ingredients prepared. They were going to make her favorite, and he hoped it would make her smile.

She wasn’t smiling at first, but he hoped he could change that. He put her on her favorite part of the preparation, and things were quiet for a while, and then they both opened up. By the time the meal was put in the oven, they were laughing together, like old times.

By the time it was ready to eat, he was feeling pretty confident in his wooing abilities. He was getting comfortable with their status, but somehow not quite comfortable enough. Something was still off, but he decided to let it slide. Their months and months of discord could not be solved in one night.

When their plates were both cleared, and he was just about to suggest dessert at the place where they had first had dessert, she pushed her chair away from the table and sighed.

“Dinner didn’t help.”

And his world came crashing down yet again.


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