Day 5

Write a conversation about a man that dials the wrong number and encounters an angry woman. End the conversation with “Well, I suppose so.”

He is bold. She is italics

Hello, is this Marina?

You called a number and you don’t know who it is?!

So, this isn’t Marina?

What gave that one away, genius?! You have the wrong number!

Well then who is this?

That is none of your damn business! Don’t be trying to hit on me just because you can’t find Marina!

Sorry. I met this cute girl at the bar last night and she wrote her number on my bar napkin, but it got smudged in my pocket. I was really hoping this was the right number

How the hell is that my problem? You have the wrong number. Hang up the damn phone!

Are you sure Marina isn’t there? I swear this last digit is a five.

Marina? Hmmmm, let me check…NOOO! Hang up the phone you weirdo!

Well, I suppose you’re right

I’m right? I’m right?!

I suppose so. Have a good day ma’am.


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