Writer Life Lesson #13: Follow Your Dreams

We all have dreams, whether we are writers, astronauts, or billionaires, or even all three. Whether your dreams are huge, something your work toward for years, or small, something you want to do tomorrow, you need to follow them. You need to reach for them and do whatever you need to do to achieve them.

This week’s lesson is Follow Your Dreams.

Sometimes, we have dreams and passions that seem so far away, impossible to reach or attain. Sometimes we don’t know how to start or even where to get started. When we do figure it out, all it takes is small steps. Small advances make big leaps forward.

I have several dreams that I have been working toward for several years, and every day or nearly every day I do something to reach those dreams. Whether it’s something small, like studying or something huge like taking a licensing test, or submitting a manuscript to a huge publishing company. Small steps, or big ones, both ways you reach your dreams.

As you all know from my previous posts, I recently took my NCLEX RN. This is the test for my nursing license and it’s something I have been working toward for more than five years. I took it on Tuesday and got my results yesterday (Thank goodness for online licensing boards!).

I passed! Which means I am one step closer to my dream of being a nurse and working. But just because I passed and have my nursing license, does not mean that I have reached my dream. So I continued with the next step today and I made my resume and submitted applications to several hospitals where I would like to work.

Now I enter the terrifying part of my dream, the interviews and agonizing waiting to hear back.

Sometimes, there are terrifying parts to our dreams and they may seem like nightmares, but that just means that we have to try harder to get what we want. In a way, the fear is a way to test if we are really serious about our dreams. In order to advance, we have to grow and face some uncomfortable situations, but no one has ever died from the stress of a job interview, or from submitting a manuscript.

Small steps make big advancements. So don’t give up and keep believing that you can reach your dreams. Never give up because things get too hard.


What are some of your dreams?


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