Wednesday Works: Make a Mixtape for Someone You Hate. The Songs Cannot Include the Words “Hate You” in the Title

So This List is going to be fun!

  1. The Last Song I’m Wasting On You- Evanescence
  2. Fuck This, I’m Out- Off With Their Heads
  3. Untouchable Face- Ani DiFranco
  4. Radio- Alkaline Trio
  5. Fire and Ice- Pat Benatar
  6. I’m Looking Through You- The Beatles
  7. Mix Tape- Brand New
  8. Seventy Times 7- Brand New
  9. Passive- A Perfect Circle
  10. Good Fucking Bye- Alkaline Trio
  11. Caught a Lite Sneeze- Tori Amos
  12. Leather-Tori Amos
  13. Time Tables- The Menzingers
  14. Call Me When You’re Sober- Evanescence
  15. My Friend Peter- Alkaline Trio

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