Just finished Edits on the First Novel in my Series

There is something so exciting about finishing something. 


Wednesday Works: The Formula For Happiness

There is no proper formula for happiness.

No scientists or chemists hidden behind machines,

Spinning circles with different chemicals and substances,

Searching for the answer.

There is no formula for happiness,

But there are ingredients to try.

A smile full of teeth,

Enough warmth to fill a chest,

Laughter loud enough to fill halls and cathedrals,

And you,

My sweet one. 

Wednesday Works: A Rooftop Decision 

Sitting up on the roof was not usually one of his favorite past times. He was usually afraid of heights, but that night, he had more on his mind than just his fear of heights. He had planned to just go upstairs and think in one of the empty bedrooms that none of the partiers had inhabited, but the window had been open and it led out to the roof. It seemed peaceful, so there he was, his mind heavy with the possibilities. 

The party had been for him, and his best friend after they graduated high school. He had been accepted to a great school back east and as far as he knew she had elected not to go to college. She was more the artsy type anyway. 

He had been trying to tell her his feelings for years, but something had always gotten in the way. He knew he was running out of time, but maybe she would want to go back east with him. He knew he could no longer wait, he had to tell her his feelings that night. 

But how? Should he do it in front of everyone, or pull her away to the side? Big gesture or small gestures? Use the big “L” word or not yet? There were too many possibilities to think of all at once. 

An owl hooted close and he found the creature’s eyes staring back at him from the closest tree in the yard. He knew he would have looked and sounded crazy to anyone else, but no one else was there, so he told the owl everything. 

As he did, he came to a decision. 


He ran down the stairs as quick as he could, taking two and sometimes three at a time. He had to find her. He nearly crashed into three other party guests as he reached the ground floor, and they just laughed it off. His fellow high school graduates trying to feign sobriety, their glassy eyes said otherwise. 

Luckily she found him. “Mitch!” She exclaimed happily, pulling a twenty-something with her. “I want you to meet my boyfriend, Cameron!” 

More Blog Posts Coming Soon!

I have been so busy with work and writing that I have let the blog fall to the wayside and I apologize. 

June is going to be hectic, as I am trying to edit one novel, and type up my handwritten draft of another before June 30th. 

Hectic? Yes!

Blog-worthy? Maybe…

Stay tuned! 

The first ten pages of the novel edited

The sections and chapters to be edited