She hadn’t expected that she would feel so light after her trip. 

When he had called her after years of radio silence, begging to see her, she had expected the worst. What she had found when she had arrived back in New York was the best thing she could have hoped for. 

Her trip hadn’t been a round trip as she had planned. She smiled as she unpacked her suitcase, the clothes and the shoes, and placed them next to his things in the dresser. 

That was the last thing she expected. How easy it was to be close to him after years of nothing while they found themselves. 

“Babe,” his voice came from behind her as his hands wrapped around hers gently, the familiar scent of his cologne clouding her senses. “Unpacking can wait until tomorrow.” 

She couldn’t help but agree as his lips crashed against her neck, making her forget about their previous baggage entirely. 


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