Maybe you’re right. 

Maybe I let go too soon,

Tapped out when I should have stayed in,

Let things go when they got too tough,

Gave up,

Gave in. 

Maybe I am a coward, 

For leaving,

For tapping out,

For wanting to protect myself, 

For wanting to chase my own happiness,

Instead of feeling like I was stagnant and drowning. 

Thank you for calling me “coward”,

I’m going to prove you wrong. 



Everything about you is beautiful.

Your eyes, bright, but guarded,

And for good reason.

Your lips, withdrawn, curled in on themselves,

But soft enough to soothe the pain.

Things will take time,

But when you smile–

God, when you smile!–

And your eyes and your lips blossom,

Everything seems right.