Writer Life Lesson #23: Write Three Sentences

Yes, you are reading that correctly. Just three sentences.

Life is busy for most writers. We have day jobs, kids, pets, outside life to deal with once we leave the page. Several things interrupt us from our stories and as more days pass it becomes more difficult to get back into the story.

We also have distractions, such as Netflix, TV, flash games. I have been guilty lately of giving into the distractions instead of writing and falling deeper into despair that I haven’t been writing.

How do I fix that? Write Three Sentences.

It almost seems too easy, right? For some of you, it might be. Some of you writers are probably thinking “That’s it?!”. But hear me out.

If you’re distracted, binging Netflix, stuck playing Facebook games, or catatonic after your day job, three sentences can feel like a mountain.

My new binge has been listening to podcasts. They can vary in length from fifteen minutes to an hour, sometimes an hour and a half. I’ve told myself that age old excuse of “I’ll write after this podcast ends” and then it automatically starts to play the next one and I think that same thought. Repeat Ad Nauseum until it’s time to go to bed.

What I have decided to do, and that works for me, is pausing the podcast, writing three sentences and then returning to the podcast, or the Netflix episode, or whatever else has been captivating my attention.

Over the past couple days, I have written about three thousand words just three sentences at a time. I’m in love with my story and characters again and am finally advancing the plot. An added bonus is I no longer have days where I don’t write anything. Even if it’s 100 words, that’s still something.

If you’re like me, and distracted by social media, Netflix, podcasts, TED talks, or anything else, and still wanting to write, pause that Netflix episode, that podcast, that TED talk, take a break from whatever is pulling you away from your writing and write three sentences .

Hopefully, when you do, one of these things will happen. You will either want to continue writing more than those three sentences or want to get back to whatever was distracting you. If you do go back to what was distracting you, try the three sentence rule again at the next break.

Even if you do just write three sentences at a time, eventually your project will be finished.




I turn into a monster.

I catch a glimpse,

And I don’t recognize myself,

With those fangs,

Those glowing eyes,

Or the talons that curl forth into the darkness.

But being a monster has its uses.

The fangs to bite back any remarks that could hurt too much.

The glowing eyes to see through the darkness of others.

The talons to protect myself from the blows that come first.

Forced to be the monster,

To put up defenses,

That I shouldn’t have to put up.

You’ve made me the monster,

But the only person I scare,

Is myself.

If I were to be human around you,

Then maybe you would be scared.

The Trail

I walk the path in sunlight,

Nature singing it’s sweet song all around me,

Cradling me in her arms,

As all else melts away.


There is no frustration,

No let down,

Or sadness.


There is me,

My feet on the path.


Singing me to peace.


Most days, I feel like I’m floating away.

Like I’m dissolving into nothing.

Like the air is being sucked from my lungs.

Like everything is pulling me apart,

Piece by piece.

Like everything I’m working on,

Working toward,

is just floating away.

Everything is floating further away,

The longer I reach for it.

All I’m looking for,

Is solid ground.