About the Blogger

Bre O’Brien wrote her first story at age six. She hated it. It was a story of Frog and Toad, a school assignment. It seemed to take hours and hours, the first grade teacher’s aid sitting next to her, trying to get her to write the words legibly. Eventually, after sitting through morning recess, it was finished and definitely legible, but Bre O’Brien was not quite sure writing was for her just yet.

About a year later, she wrote another story based on popular media. This time it was not a school assignment. It was rudimentary and messy, and it never got finished, but that began the first spark that would not be truly explored for several years.

Several years later, after several attempts at novels, scripts, poems and short stories, she has finished several pieces and is looking to begin the publishing process soon. Since finishing the first book in her series in 2012, she has been continuing to hone her writing skills and grow as a person.

She recently graduated college with an associates in Registered Nursing. She now has her nursing license and a job, and definitely enjoys the time she has to write.

She primarily writes novels and short stories, but has experience with poems, scripts, and essays. She hopes to share some of her writing, reading, and life experiences with the world.


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