#23: Witness

I thought I got away clean.

No scars,

No bruises,

No pain,

From the damage I caused.

Too bad I was my own witness.

Now all I feel is you.


#21: Hardcover

Get to know me,

I know you can.

I may look tough on the outside,

Or bored,

Or untouchable.

On the inside,

I am full of secrets.

Just look past my hardcover

To find the goodness inside.

#20: Rules

Sometimes rules are rigid,

Hard lines, set in stone,

that should not be crossed.

Sometimes rules are limp,

As easily arranged as wet noodles,

Vague and malleable.

Other times,

Rules are set to keep us down,

Keep us in place,

Scared to fight for what we want.

Those rules,

More like guidelines,

Should be crossed.

Draw your own line.

Make your own rules.

Be who you want to be.

#15: My Bag is Packed

My bag is packed.

It’s sitting by the door,

waiting to be swept away,

Whenever I feel

that you and I are no longer compatible.

So say something,

Do something,

To make me believe

That I can stop running.

Give me a reason to make a home

In you,

And unpack my baggage for good.

#2: CD

I was fresh out of the package,

and you burned me with your influence.

Fed me your lines and your rhymes,

All in perfect time and cadence.

You marked me with your ways,

and your faults,

so that whenever I do anything,

I am reminded of you.

Your rhymes and your cadences,

all getting stuck in my head as they are tattooed on my skin.


the only way to heal is to break,

shatter until I can’t hear your melody anymore.

Break and twist until I can no longer fit in your machine.