2017 Goals

Hello everyone!

I know I have been absent for longer than I should have been, especially since I was trying to do a prompt daily, but here I am!

I know around this time of year a lot of people do their New Years Resolutions and Goals for change.

Yes, this is one of those posts. And I will do my best to not make it cliche or boring, but it’s bound to happen.

Without Further Ado: My goals for 2017

Write (Well Duh, Writer!)

  1. Write more original works: My goal this year is to play catch up with my current series. At this moment the series is bits and pieces and a ton of ideas. The only completed book or at least written book is the first one. The others are a few scenes or a section here and there, and by the end of this calendar year I would like the books I have stared to be more complete. 5 days a week will be original works.
  2. Write Fanfiction: Yes, Fanfiction. The type of writing that gets the writing snobs all up in a tizzy. “Those aren’t your characters, you can’t do that!” Or any of the other excuses aside, I did a lot of fanfiction writing in 2016 and I feel that it helped me expand on my original works. In an already established universe, I could test an idea and see how I wanted to try and write it.  Not only that, but I have somehow accrued a dedicated following on a few of the fanfictions that I have published. The weekends are for fanfiction.
  3. Blog: The writing schedule for this blog has been completely atrocious, and I do apologize for that. My goal for this year is to find a schedule that works and try to stick to it. Stay tuned for more details on that and the content to come.


  1. Bachelor’s Program: I will have had my RN license for 2 years in July and I’ve been working at my job for over a year now. It’s time to get in to a Bachelor’s program and continue my education.
  2. Languages and Skills: During the end of 2015 and throughout 2016 I tried to learn several languages. I ended up getting bored and forgetting about them for a while. I intend to at least learn somewhat fluently a language (Probably Spanish due to my profession and where I live) by the end of 2017

Health (Here are the cliches!)

  1. Strength: For years I have been a weakling, and I have tried in the past to gain arm strength, but push ups suck. I recently joined a gym and I intend to use it to full capacity to gain some muscle and strength. Strength would definitely help me at my job in an office and eventually when I move to a hospital job. The 600 pound patients won’t know what hit them!
  2. Body Confidence: Struggling with weight is a relatively new phenomenon for me. I’m guessing it’s because of all the sitting I do at my job and all of the delicious take out and Starbucks that I drink. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I had looked at old pictures and noticed how slim my face looked. When a patient asked me if I was pregnant I figured it was time to make some better choices and appreciate my body since it is the only one I have.

Those are my goals for 2017 and who knows what will happen in the next 12 months. Stick around and find out!

What are your goals for the new year?



When the Sun Sets 

You are my sunshine, 

My only Sunshine.

When we met you were the only bright spot in my life. Everything else was shit and that night that you introduced yourself was the night that I felt like I could breathe again, like the storms in my life had finally ceased. 

You make me happy,

When skies are grey.

Your smile, even though my jokes were corny and badly timed, made everything all worth it. That time that we were trapped for two hoursin the snow storm with the flat tire while AAA took their sweet time was the best, even though I complained. 

You’ll never know, dear,

How much I love you.

Even though I was never able to say those three words out loud, I would like to think that you knew. It was in the way I met your parents, even though they scared the shit out of me, and how I braved Walmart on Black Friday to get you tampons and chocolate even though you didn’t ask for the chocolate. The way I would bring you tea and snacks to remind you to eat. 

Please don’t take my sunshine away. 

I’m sorry… for everything. 

Return the Favor

She folds her hands so you don’t see the bruises.

The hides her gaze so you don’t see her bloodshot eyes. 

She tries not to wince when you take hold of her and show her something you’re proud of. 

She covers up so you don’t see the scars and burns. 

Your muse has been fighting for you.

Isn’t it time you return the favor? 

Fight for your art! 

From the Outside

Sometimes the most frightening thing is facing ourselves. 

We look into the mirror and think of all the bad things, all of the worse things that we’ve done, or will do. We criticize ourselves the worst. 

My eyes are too droopy.

My nose is too big for my face.

I have too many wrinkles when I smile.

Maybe we should take a second look at ourselves, as strangers see us. 

Her eyes lit up when we talked about her hometown. 

The way his nose crinkles when he laughs is the cutest  thing about him. 

Your dimples make me smile too. 

Maybe there is more than one way to see things. 

Never Let Go

There are moments when you want to give up, when nothing is going your way and everything is crumbling around you. 

Those are the moments when you find out what you are made of. 

Your decision at that moment determines if you quit and quietly fall into nothingness or if you rise and overcome and become what you were born to be. 

If you’re looking for a sign, rise up! 

Be who you were meant to be and Never let go of your dreams. 

A Better Hope

The rhythm is monotonous and comfortable sometimes, and yet you no find comfort in that.  You think that living after tonight will be a nightmare, but you’re wrong. 

The nightmare is not waking up tomorrow and seeing the sunrise, the smiles on small children as they pass, the beautiful chaos that is human interaction. 

The nightmare is giving up before you find your place. 

The nightmare is all of the words unsaid, the feelings unfelt, the world unexperienced. 

Go forward and breathe new life into everything you touch.