Short Stories


Distance-A man and a woman are close, or are they?

Amsterdam-A young man looks back on his life and his mistakes.


For You- A stalker gets a little too close and so does a detective.

Broken Wings– From every bad situation, something good appears.

This Could Be Love- Sadie is entrigued by bad boy Peter.

My Heart With You- An immortal sea captain and his sacrifices.

The Scientist- A doctor and his lab assistant talk under the moonlight.

Samson- A wife remembers her husband during the good times and the bad.

Buried- A woman and her sacrifices for her man.

Male Call- A young woman remembers the good times before the destruction.

Gates- An alternate tale of how two people met.

Lilith Avi- A man must complete a quest to reach closure.


Congratulations- A bride is getting cold feet, will the wedding go on?

Every Thug Needs a Lady- A late night stargazing trip becomes something special.

The Package- The first step into madness is always the easiest.

Good Things- Two dueling point of views on an event.

Burn After Writing- Two brothers of sorts play a game of questions and answers.


Crucify- (Part of the July 2016 Camp NaNo Novel). A young woman learns her life is about to change.

Girl- (Part of the July 2016 Camp NaNo Novel). A young woman fights and takes control of her life.


Beauty Queen/Horses- A woman has an epiphany in the laundry room.

The Day That The World Breaks Down- Slowly, the machines are taking over, a group of officials move to save themselves.

Black Swan- Comparison is the thief of joy.


Alpenglow- A couple sacrifices everything for each other.


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